It produces software that instantly detects crimes with pattern analysis from security camera images, notifies the authorities with high verification, and contributes to the prevention of crime by providing the opportunity to intervene quickly.

With our experience in the field of lighting for many years, existing lighting products; It is an initiative that aims to develop a product by enabling its renewable energy source, artificial intelligence and IoT supported operation with our camera add-on.

It is an initiative that provides an equal and accessible user experience for everyone on digital platforms.

Bomensoft was established as an R&D company to carry out studies, researches, designs and approved R&D projects on subjects such as the internet of things, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, and offers all kinds of solutions in artificial intelligence.

RegularAIzed is an initiative that aims to integrate cutting-edge data science and artificial intelligence solutions into real-time, dynamic, retrospective decision-making and efficiency analytics for airport operations processes.

As Ro Mobility , we put an end to indoor collisions that result in high costs . We offer more efficient and safe mobility systems even in crowded environments.

Walkers is an organization that develops a real-time mobile game application for individuals to be healthy and reduce carbon emissions.

Consortium; is a technology initiative that develops high-tech platforms to make the energy, environment and finance sectors more efficient.

Bi-Park digitizes the parking areas of shopping malls and airports and integrates them into the Bi-Park ecosystem, and enables these businesses to provide digital parking assistance services to their customers.

Established in 2020 with a capital of 300,000.- TL, MaviKanatlar®, with its first product SeyirDefteri®, attracted both individual and corporate attention and became one of the fastest funded companies in 2022 through the "share-based crowdfunding platform" fund finder.