Focus Areas


Focus Points

  • Smart Airport

    Smart infrastructure and technologies to develop a digital airport

  • Robotics

    Technologies designed to automate processes in order to meet the needs of different lines of work and re-discover the passenger experience

  • Sustainability

    Technologies that focus on energy and resource efficiency, contribute to the green supply chain, focus on cyclical products and service solutions, aim to provide a safe work environment, increase compatibility with climate change, etc.

  • Digitalization and Automation

    Technologies that can help increase productivity and production levels, overcome the constraints of scarce labor force sources, and improve connections with new digital and automatic options; digital transformation in the passenger experience.

  • Data Analysis and the Internet of Things (IoT)

    Technologies that can help achieve a closer-to-real-time and more accurate perspective on airport operations

  • Security Technologies

    Technologies to strengthen aviation systems, security and security standards while reducing security vulnerability stress.

  • Mobility

    New individual and mass mobility solutions for airport employees and passengers, technologies for accessing the airport and intra-terminal mobility, as well as drones and unmanned solutions.

The iGA HUB Program is designed for Civil Aviation and Terminal Management initiatives that are focused on reshaping or improving the airport experience. The iGA HUB Program was designed for initiatives that are focused on reshaping or improving the airport experience within the scope of Civil Aviation and Terminal Management.

Civil aviation includes scheduled and non-scheduled passenger and cargo air transport services. It also covers general aviation (*), business aviation, emergency medical services, search and rescue, aerial photography and aerial newsgathering, aerial tours, firefighting, aerial irrigation, glider, and air sports, etc. Airport and airline management cover improvements in the passenger experience, a focus on environmentally friendly solutions and reducing costs, as well as all the technological products and services related to ground handling services at the airport. Any project that falls under one of the categories listed below can apply for iGA HUB